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The Paré Foundation is a registered charity in Canada.

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Alphonse and Lucy Griffith Paré Foundation, c/o Marie-Claire Paré Holland, 904-239 Kensington ave, Westmount, Québec, H3Z 2H1, Canada


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The Foundation’s mission is to provide support and financial assistance to deserving persons in the advancement of their education and training.

  • 1984-2005

    The first generation

    The Paré Foundation is a family foundation established by Alphonse Paré and Lucy Griffith’s nine children in 1984 . In commemoration of Alphonse and Lucy’s dedication to education, the Foundation was set up to support schools and families in Canada and abroad.

  • 2005-Present


    Since 2005, the Paré Foundation’s activities have focused on achieving this in Malawi, with additional projects in Haiti , the Dominican Republic, Canada, Bolivia, Israel, and Uganda.

  • 2005-Present

    Strategic Areas of Investment

    The Foundation’s activities center on investing in the education of children, particularly. Given the demand-driven nature of the work of the Foundation, activities tend to vary depending on the needs of the country context, and the specificities of each investment as proposed by the Foundation’s agents and guided by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

  • 1800-Present

    Family History

    If you’d like more info on the Paré family, take a look at The Seeds, a family history written by Lucy Griffith Paré with the collaboration of her son Antoine Paré. (published in 1984). download the book (PDF, 178MB). Many thanks to Joe Graham for his help in enabling online access to this book.

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Board of Directors

The board draws on all branches of the family.

Currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Paré Foundation is Marie-Claire Holland (President), Jane Howlett (Secretary), Marie-Claire Leman (Treasurer), Peter Holland Jr., Peter Howlett, Julia Paré, Consie Tétrault, Victor Paré, David Paré, Jane Richards, Lora Campbell, and Joe Graham.